paying for parking and paying for EV charging in one process
paying for parking and paying for EV charging in one process


Our pioneering twinpay mobile app gives customers a simple and fast payment method to pay for parking, EV charging or both. It really is innovation at its’ best and we are proud to have created one stand-alone app that allows the user to carry out two previously unconnected tasks – paying for parking and paying for EV charging in one process. It is the latest advancement in technology to integrate these two important functions. A first to the fast growing market. Two functions – one payment on one app.

twinpay integrates with your current parking operation and can be used to replace traditional mobile apps with single functionality to provide your users with a simpler journey moving into the EV world.


Our app cleverly connects with our national partners for locating available EV charge points and gives peace of mind to your customer knowing they can easily locate a charge point along their route. Pre-booking is also a key feature which will enhance your customers’ journey.

The twinpay app is able to integrate with most charge point manufacturers which means less capital outlay and more investment potential. It’s clever and delivers maximum revenue from any number of car parking and EV charging bays with its smart- stay analysis system. Another pioneering piece of design, it converts EV charging bays to parking revenue bays whilst not in use through our premium parking rate.

So take control of your parking and charging environment and improve the overall journey for you and your customers by taking on board one simple and easy to navigate app for both services.

twinpay Features and benefits

  • Location code for parking, EV charging and individual pod location codes
  • Extend Parking and charging time
  • Pay on exit
  • Receipt management
  • Password Edit
  • Card details / Payment details Edit
  • Unlimited vehicles Edit
  • End to End Secure Encrypted
  • Prepayment of charging session
  • Charging session breakdown and analytics
  • Manage your charging and parking environments in one place
  • Alteration of tariff for parking and charging in one easy to use place
  • Interfaces with enforcement back office
  • Analytics all parking activity and charging sessions
  • Smart charging tariff
  • Daily reporting activity and analysis