with our unique in-house platform we can link with any manufacturer
with our unique in-house platform we can link with any manufacturer

Twin Charge

Twin Charge provides a reliable EV platform to allow management and monetisation of your EV charge points. After an EV site survey we create bespoke EV charging solutions for each individual case and can even pair with your current EV charging equipment. We are also able to link our unique Twin payment terminals and twinpay app with an unlimited number of EV charge points. Our unique platform is the fastest route into multiple EV charging points as our open protocol equipment means we can interface with most worldwide manufacturers from 3.5kW to 300kW fast chargers. We offer installation as well as guidance on the different types of EV charging points and the benefits of differing EV solutions related to your unique environment.

Site Surveys

EV charging in a commercial setting, in the workplace, in the community and public places or even in your own home can be a minefield without the knowledge of the EV market and associated pitfalls which could arise.

It certainly isn’t a case of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to EV charge installation. That’s where Twin EV Charge comes in. We carry out a professional EV site survey and can do this by either a simple desktop review or a full site visit.

Once the report is completed you will be armed with the information and potential pricing to put your EV charging plan in place. In addition, as we operate on open charge point protocol system (OCPP) we give you a totally unbiased view. Whether you need advice on the number of EV chargers required, EV installation, how to monetise your EV charge offering or simply just want some advice on where to start then we can help.

If you are interested in an EV site survey for any type of parking environment – such as private or local authority car parks, commercial, workplace, community spaces, retail, large scale residential – just fill in the contact form below and we will be in touch within 72 hours or less.

EV Site Survey Request

EV Cash Calculator

We have also developed a clever way to help you to put a price on EV charging, if required. If you want to work out how to monetise your EV chargers, whether already installed or for the future, we have a simple to operate EV cash calculator which will demonstrate potential earnings. Our twinpay app or Twin payment terminals would then be utilised to drive successful sales which would help recoup your capital investment.


Maintaining your EV charge points and ensuring you stay compliant with ongoing and regular maintenance is all held under the Twin Charge platform. In the event you need an accredited EV contractor we can assign your terminals to an approved EV expert. This ensures you are always you in control of your EV charging points wherever they may be.

Payments for EV charging are completed through the twinPay app or twin payment terminals and our smart back office gives you a unique platform to manage different payment options from your customer – contactless payments via our terminals or online through the twinPay app. All of which are powered by the heart of our operation – our Twin back office – which provides you with all the data you require and more. It even allows you to change your EV tariff in line with electricity charges, produce profit analysis of individual locations and access our unique ‘dynamic load management’ allowing maximum use for multiple charge points with lower power output environments.

EV Excess Parking Rate comes into force when motorists have gone beyond their purchased EV charging period. To avoid having to move the vehicle the option to remain is available but converts to a premium parking rate for staying within the EV bay whilst not charging. This discourages long stays in a vital bay especially when bays are in demand as the EV market grows.

Enforcement of EV bays is available through our Twin back office. It provides a unique scenario to protect EV bays from contravention by registering a charging session on an EV bay with a go live time. It ensures that payments have been taken for the period of the chosen session and when a vehicle is either not connected to EV charge, or not on an EV Excess Parking Rate, then this will be reported to your parking back office provider to allow your enforcement officers or ANPR provision to log contraventions correctly. This would then mean that you are able to issue a parking charge notice or parking ticket for none compliance to parking in the EV bay.