Easy to navigate touchscreens, clear instruction and contactless payment for parking, electric charging or both.
Easy to navigate touchscreens, clear instruction and contactless payment for parking, electric charging or both.

Payment Terminals

twin payment terminals provide intelligent, cashless parking and charging solutions. Manufactured in the UK they are ultra-modern with easy to navigate large touchscreens with clear instructions and contactless payment.

With a range of durable and reliable wall or floor mounted versions for internal and external use, and for all conditions and areas, we have your environment covered. Our terminals provide a modular combination or singular action of paying for parking, charging, or both at the same time.

We offer the option for own brand customisation both on the body of the terminal and, for added impact, on the touchscreen.

All terminals are preconfigured to your specific requirements for immediate site set up. This would include your initial tariff which can then be altered remotely and instantly via the twin back office function. The twin back office also provides a range of real time data and a range of tools to improve operations and the customer journey.

Terminal Payments and Controls

Choose from a flexible range of wall or floor mounted terminals to accommodate differing budgets. All payment terminals come with the following as standard for parking and EV charging

  • Pay by VRM
  • Pay by location
  • Pay on exit
  • Pay on arrival
  • ANPR Integrated payment control
  • Enforcement linked to your back office provider
  • 4 G Communication
  • 3d secure payment platform
  • QR discount voucher code configuration
  • Back office integration
  • Contactless payment pay by apple, android, google
  • Chip and pin payment / swipe terminal
  • Thermal ticket production / digital receipt
  • Integrated with twin door access control system
  • Full payment service provider
  • Twin gateway provider Visa , American Express , Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android, Discovery Cards

Terminal Maintenance, Servicing and Data

twin terminals come with a range of tools to ensure they are always operating to maximise revenue and reduce any down time. All data running through the terminal streams through the twin back office to provide all the following features and benefits.

  • Pre-set up and initial tariff for both parking and charging
  • Back office support and training
  • Back office reports on real time terminal health
  • Remote terminal reboot to reduce service calls
  • Tariff changes as and when required
  • 1-3 year full parts and labour warranty
  • Servicing and maintenance contracts
  • Full CO2 emissions and smart charging data link
  • Smart charging tariff
  • All terminals report daily stats on duration, values and a full range of terminal analytics.