Bank Park and St. Luke’s Strengthen Decade-Long Partnership for a Good Cause

January 25, 2024

In a heartening collaboration spanning over a decade, Bank Park and St. Luke’s Hospice have joined forces once again, marking a milestone in their commitment to supporting individuals facing terminal illnesses across the Sheffield city region.

St. Luke’s Hospice has been a beacon of care for individuals aged 18 and above, offering support to those grappling with terminal illnesses. Contrary to common perceptions, St. Luke’s extends its services well beyond the confines of its physical hospice, with a staggering 85% of patients receiving compassionate care and support in the familiar surroundings of their homes. The organisation prides itself on tailoring care and support to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring comfort and dignity throughout their journey.

In the past year alone, St. Luke’s has touched the lives of nearly 1800 patients, as well as providing invaluable assistance to families and caregivers, bringing the total number of individuals supported to nearly 6000. The scale of their impact necessitates significant financial resources, with an estimated cost exceeding £12 million this year. To continue this crucial work, St. Luke’s relies on raising £9 million from business support and generous donations.

The enduring partnership between Bank Park and St. Luke’s has proven to be a shining example of corporate social responsibility. Over the past decade, the ‘Park & Give’ scheme has been a driving force behind the success of this collaboration. Through this initiative, visitors are not only provided with an affordable and secure parking solution but also given the opportunity to contribute to the worthy cause of supporting those in need.

To date, the ‘Park & Give’ scheme has generated over £40,000 in donations for St. Luke’s, showcasing the impact that small acts of generosity can have on a community. In addition to Bank Park’s normal donations, throughout December via workmen and landlords, an extra 50% of parking revenue was donated. This initiative not only benefits St. Luke’s but also drives traffic to local sites, providing a boost to local retailers and contributing positively to the regional economy.

Looking ahead, the partnership envisions further growth with the addition of new ‘Park & Give’ sites. These sites will not only serve as convenient parking locations but also offer services such as stock generation and bag collection, making it even easier for individuals to contribute to this vital cause.

As we navigate the challenges of the present, the Bank Park and St. Luke’s partnership stands as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when businesses and charities unite for a common purpose. Together, they are not just offering parking spaces; they are providing hope, comfort, and a helping hand to those facing life’s most challenging moments.

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