twin Back Office. The heart of our operating system. The hub of the twinPay app.
twin Back Office. The heart of our operating system. The hub of the twinPay app.

Back Office

Is the heart and powerhouse of the twin operational system, collecting and gathering all the streamed data from our terminals, mobile app and access control requests to allow seamless operation of all parking environments.

All the twin products and services are easy to access and report to the twin Back Office. From a full range of terminal data through to application statistics, it allows access control functionality simply, so that all operational situations are managed from our end to end secure cloud based platform.

All twin back office functions are designed to provide savings on operational down time and maximisation of revenue with smart charging options for parking and EV charging.
Real-time monitoring provides up to the minute positions on status of machines and auto-fixing functions. The data analysis which is gathered produces smart strategies to maximise revenue for parking and charging, and creates sustainable charging practices to improve the CO2 foot print of your environment.

The Back Office functionality provides all the following

Terminal Support and remote reporting 24/7

  • health status and re-boot facility
  • tariff alteration for parking and charging
  • CO2 emissions smart pricing on vehicle type
  • Management of Voucher production
  • Data push to enforcement based client management systems

twin Pay Application

  • Data analytics of parking revenue and other more specific data requirements
  • User communication portal
  • Pre-booking for parking and charging
  • Interfaces with access control for ANPR environments
  • Data push to management based client management system

twin Charge

  • Status of charge points
  • Activity reporting of each charge point
  • Tariff power alteration
  • Load analytics
  • Comparison of pricing scenarios

twin Access Control

  • Open any barrier or pedestrian door at any time
  • Integration with ANPR
  • Integration with payment options to activate shutter or barrier on exit or arrival

Analytics and Data Management

Data management and analytics provides you with all the correct intelligence to make informed decisions about smart pricing and the ability to maximise revenue potential for both EV charging and parking.

  • All data exported to Excel, Sage and other financial operational systems
  • Comparisons of data from pre-selected data periods
  • Customised reports based on your unique requirements
  • Save and manage reports
  • EV smart pricing
  • Parking smart pricing
  • Voucher analysis by client site and values
  • Transaction reports for each location or clusters of locations or all locations
  • Transactions in numbers and values
  • VRM usage
  • Analytics comparing site usage for terminal against Twinpay app