linking up and accessing control to barriers, fast shutters and pedestrian doors
linking up and accessing control to barriers, fast shutters and pedestrian doors

Access Control & Car Park Solutions

Our access control systems are specifically pioneered to enhance and secure car parking environments either in multi storey environments or secure open car parks. We have the access control solution for any situation and provide either ticketed entry access systems or total virtual access systems for barriers, shutter and pedestrian doors.

Offering a range of integration solutions pairing with most barrier and fast shutter suppliers worldwide, our software provision and experienced team provide smart installation set up and guidance from inception to completion. We design, we build and we produce the right access control suite to match your environment.

Pairing access control with parking terminals and payment applications is a specialty of twin developed over the last three years and currently operating at various locations in the UK.

twin access control provides well thought out, flexible and cost effective solutions to improve security and usability for motorists and pedestrians providing secure first line defence of your parking environment.

Integrated Access Control Systems with the following

  • ANPR
  • Payment terminal
  • Pay on exit / Pay on arrival
  • Pedestrian door control
  • Remote access control
  • Barriers + fast shutters
  • Pre-booked session
  • Bar code ticket

twin Access Vehicle Recognition

Our patented pedestrian door access control system supports free flow car parking and improves the customer journey. It is a totally ticketless pedestrian door access system, designed to complement our twin payment terminals, and provides a full suite of products for the most secure of car parking environments without the need for tickets. It is fully integrated with our back office for remote access and assistance for users allowing remote control of doors at any time.

Additional Services

  • ANPR
  • Pay on Exit
  • Pay on Foot
  • Pay by App
  • Pay Stations
  • Enforcement Management
  • Bespoke designed solutions for your car parks